Zamp Wimmer

Zamp Wimmer (lives and works in Munich) is a contemporary artist known for his large-scale spiritual and oriental paintings based on oil.

Wimmer's work explores insights, experiences and empirical knowledge related to their physical, astral and causal connections.

"Fascinated by the relationships between the formal constructions of a painting and the visible and "feeling" effects, I constantly oscillate between the real and the visionary.
Receiving deep visual and spiritual experiences that explore the hidden and mysterious nature of memories, individual projections and detached free glimpses into the unseen worlds".

Mission & Vision

To bring images from the non-material world into the material world.

A few new Artworks

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New Artworks

“I think I’m in the tradition of a certain kind of Indian artists — artists whose work embodies a certain gorgeous beautyness. Mir Sayyid Ali , Khwaja Abd as-Samad, etc. They all had this wonderful and mysterious beauty to them.

They found beauty in the most truly forms. Uplifting and soulstimulating. I think that’s what characterizes my paintings - the atmosphere, the culture and philosphy of india, its cities and landscape.

The Indian Tradition

Meet the Man behind the Story

Art is one of the most powerful ways to change something.
In a very subtle way.
Slowly but very permanently -
and mostly absolutely underestimated

The man behind the strory

You Can Find Us close to the English Garden in Munich

Nearby the HighLight Towers

  • Margarete-Schütte-Lihotzky-Straße
  • 80807 München
    Munich / Germany
  • Subway / U-Bahn:
    U6 Alte Heide
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