Ancient Mysteries - Resonance and Sacred Geometry

ancient mysteries

Key to the paintings "Aspects of Resonance"

The key to my paintings is the knowledge about ancient mysteries of the yogic tradition and the phenomena of resonance combined with aspects of the Sacred Geometry.

On my canvases I am using specific geometric shapes and definite colors, to create very fine tuned, specific resonance fields, according to the hidden and extensive mysteries of the yogic tradition.

weiss Just like a everlasting battery and due to the laws of vibrations, frequencies and resonance, it brings the viewer of the paintings in contact with harmonic energies and opens superior levels of consciousness.

Already Wassily Kandinsky (Russian painter and art theorist, 1866–1944) has worked with this phenomena and the so-called „Old Sages“ knew this things since thousands of years.

Now modern quantum physicist also say: Everything is resonance.

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