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Zamp Wimmer is a Munich based visual artist
with deep focus to Spiritualty, Science and Beauty

Zamp Wimmer // Photo: Thomas Zwillinger

Welcome to the Art
of Zamp Wimmer

The art of Zamp Wimmer is closely linked to the knowledge of quantum physics, ancient Indian philosophy and the knowledge of eternal spirituality
curriculum vitae

zamp wimmer 

munich, germany

1978-1983 | print engineering studies, university of applied science, munich
1984-1985 | studies in philosophy, munich university of philosophy
1985-1990 | artist of the fine arts and freelance illustrator
1990-2004 | visual artist and scientific work as an engineer
since 2004 | visual artist


What we do

we make art - art at a very high level.
art that elevates you
and gives you something new
art that takes you to a higher level

Our Story

Art is one of the most powerful ways to change something.
In a very subtle way.
Slowly but very permanently -
and mostly absolutely underestimated

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Berberitzenstraße 43
80935 Munich