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Picture Show

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Zamp Wimmer Picture Show

Available Works

Originals, Prints, Editions, Series, Posters
- limited and unlimited

  • From 1984 — 
  • up to the year 2018

Early Works

Early works from the Year 1984 up to the year of 2016 combined and mixed with experimental works, microsculptures, etc.


Projects & Stories

Let the artist tell you stories that have emerged from various projects

A Story about the Elements

Elements of the wind forming up reality

Special knowledge about the energies of the wind and its influence .
Stuff from above

The Landing Plan and its special Implementation

Special ways of energy transmission and their implementation


Have a look into the artist's "world"

Insights into the working method and different studio situations of the artist


Live Art Workshops

Take the opportunity to experience the artist's different working methods up close


The Story Behind the Artist

Get in contact with the Mission & Vision of the artist

Stay up to date with news, inspirations and events.

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